Invermay School Level Plan

Foundational Items

Division Motto, Mission, Vision, Values, & Aspirational Statements
Motto Students Come First
Mission “Building Strong Foundations to Create Bright Futures”
Vision “Learning Without Limits ... Achievement for All"
Values Belonging, Diversity, Learning, Perseverance, Responsibility
Aspiration Statements High Quality Teaching and Learning, Engagement of All Students, Families, and Communities, Effective Policy Healthy, Sustainable Physical and Social Environments
School Mission, Vision, Values, & Compelling Why
Motto Lifelong Learning
Mission Inspiring a Passion for Knowledge
Vision Working together as a team today to build a successful tomorrow.
Respect, Integrity, Commitment, Compassion, Fairness, Perseverance and Diversity
Compelling Why:
Equitable & Balanced Opportunities – Each student, rural or urban, has the right to a quality education and equal opportunities.

Reading – Reading influences every subject area and our whole life. We focus on reading every day with Guided Reading, Accelerated Reading, Reading A-Z, IXL Reading and Math, and an open library.

Family Engagement – Family engagement = engaged students. Students who are engaged in the school are also engaged in their learning. Family engagement also includes community engagement. It is the community that raises the child. Our school is open to the community for all community clubs to hold meetings in the school. To encourage and increase family engagement we will outline the expectations for volunteering (being specific for each activity), send out a letter requesting volunteers on the parents’ schedules and being open to rearranging our day to accommodate the volunteers.
Principal Signature: Melissa Grona
SCC Signature: Jana Graham