Yorkton Regional High School Level Plan

Foundational Items

Division Motto, Mission, Vision, Values, & Aspirational Statements
Motto Students Come First
Mission “Building Strong Foundations to Create Bright Futures”
Vision “Learning Without Limits ... Achievement for All"
Values Belonging, Diversity, Learning, Perseverance, Responsibility
Aspiration Statements High Quality Teaching and Learning, Engagement of All Students, Families, and Communities, Effective Policy Healthy, Sustainable Physical and Social Environments
School Mission, Vision, Values, & Compelling Why
Mission The Family of Raiders is committed to promoting a learning experience that supports students in their pursuit of excellence. Through positive relationships, we foster individual growth and a sense of belonging. Students will be guided to pursue their goals in an environment that values inclusion and diversity. We will encourage respect and responsibility while acting with integrity as we strive to help students reach their academic, extracurricular, and personal potential.
Vision Supporting Raiders to reach their potential
“In Pursuit of Excellence”
Statement of Values and Beliefs:
The Family of Raiders includes students, staff, parents and guardians, both past and present. As family members we will:
1. Conduct ourselves with honour, pride and dignity.
2. Support a safe and inclusive atmosphere.
3. Respect differences in people, ideas and opinions.
4. Encourage efforts and celebrate achievements.
Principal Signature: Brandon Needham
SCC Signature: Kim Poncelet